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About Our Maytag® Products

We only install Maytag products, because of their diligence in quality control and manufacturing. We have vetted their products and it stands to prove that Maytag provides the highest quality of HVAC products in Calgary and surrounding area. Our combined goal is to make your home dependably comfortable. What they put inside the Maytag heating and air systems is what puts the ideal indoor environment inside your home. They build the Maytag systems to exacting standards, and they are the only heating and cooling manufacturer to use a process called Demand Flow Technology (DFT).

Check, check and recheck. That’s how they manufacture with Demand Flow Technology. They test each and every air conditioner and furnace they make at every station during the manufacturing process. Their air conditioners are checked around 144 times, and their gas furnaces are checked around 234 times. They also perform 100% computer automated testing at their quality control station to eliminate human error in the final analysis. This all happens before the units ever leave the factory.

Because of the confidence we have in Maytag’s manufacturing process, we can offer the longest warranty in the industry and their Maytag Dependability Promise.

We like to associate our brand with theirs, because the Maytag Brand has proven to provide durability, highest quality, and dependability. We have been installing Maytag for some time now, and every home owner has been more than happy with their new home comfort system by Maytag. Whether it be an air conditioner that keeps them cool all summer, or a furnace that keeps them warm and comfortable all winter long. We are happy to be Calgary’s exclusive Maytag dealer, and I’m sure you will be happy with your new home comfort system.

PGC2MQ iQ Drive® | Maytag® M1200 97% AFUE Modulating Gas Furnace
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Air Conditioner
PSA4BD | Maytag® M1200 up to 14 SEER Air Conditioner
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MGC2TC, MGC2TL | Maytag® M120 95.1% AFUE Two-Stage Fixed-Speed Gas Furnace
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MSA4BD | Maytag® M120 up to 14 SEER Air Conditioner
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We are Calgary’s exclusive Maytag furnace provider, and are proud to bring you energy efficient, quiet, reliable furnaces from Maytag.

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If your existing furnace is causing you trouble, call us! We’re called Furnace Doctor for a reason- we’ll diagnose the problem and provide an appropriate recommendation to fix it.

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We are Calgary’s exclusive Maytag air conditioner provider. Enjoy home comfort all year round with an affordable and energy efficient air conditioner from Maytag.

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Today’s energy-efficient hot water heaters are leagues above what was available just 10 years ago. Looking for limitless hot water? Have you considered tankless hot water heaters?

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Nobody likes taking cold showers (at least, not when those showers aren’t by choice). Call us for a quick diagnosis and effective repair.

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Thanks to Chinooks and a relatively dry climate, Calgary is a dusty city. Duct cleaning is a great way to eliminate dust particles from your home’s ducting.

If you’ve just completed some renovations, or if it’s been a while since you last had your ducts cleaned, give us a call! We’re fast, cost effective, and always reliable.

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