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What Are Signs That Your Air Conditioner May Require Servicing?

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Early Warning Signs of Impending Air Conditioner Failure

Short of an unexpected failure of the air conditioner, there are some signs to watch for that may indicate that your air conditioner requires servicing:

  • Fluid pooling underneath or near the air conditioner that does not evaporate (indicating a coolant leak)
  • Air that is warm or even hot being circulated throughout your home (despite the air conditioner appearing to be running)
  • Rattles, squeaks, and other unusual noises
  • Failure to engage when instructed by your thermostat (and with no reasons for that to be the case, such as the breaker beings tripped)


When Do I Need a Tune-Up As Opposed to a Repair?

An air conditioner tune-up – part of our recommended maintenance schedule – is a preventative maintenance item that helps stave off unexpected repairs or catastrophic failures.

Like changing the oil in your car, having your air conditioner tuned up on a semi-frequent basis (once every one to two years is generally sufficient) will help ensure your air conditioner remains reliable and efficient.

Unfortunately, a breakdown may still occur despite diligent maintenance. In that event, call us for a repair.

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